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Marketing tips for new E-commerce brands

December 31, 20223 min read

E-commerce is the future

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is the sheer uncertainty that life engenders. It would have been impossible to predict in 2019 just how drastically things would change in the face of a global outbreak. But one thing is for certain, the age of the internet is here to stay, and e-commerce is the present and future of business as we know it. The sooner companies embrace e-commerce as a vital part of their operations, the better. Nowadays, most companies heavily invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and website development, and social media marketing to increase their digital presence and outreach towards the customer. 

Tips on navigating the digital space

Improving digital presence and engagement, along with translating it into sales and measurable results, should be the ultimate objective of any marketing strategy related to e-commerce. Since it is a relatively new medium and most organizations are still getting to understand the basics of digital marketing, here are a few simple tips you must follow to have a viable marketing strategy for e-commerce brands:

Tip #1 Make a plan:

Just like traditional marketing mediums, digital marketing also requires a comprehensive and actionable marketing plan. This will form the outline of the entire structure of the marketing strategy for an e-commerce brand. The plan will spell out the desired objectives to be met, the framework to achieve those objectives, and the budgeting allocated for the purpose. This will include what the company needs to do, like focus on website development or renovation, SEO aspects, paid to advertise using social media and search engines, etc.

Tip #2 Outsource to experts:

Digital marketing entails far more than merely an understanding of sales and marketing; it requires expertise in technology as well. How search engine algorithms work, how digital engagement can be increased, what kind of content will improve search engine rankings, answering all these questions is best left to experts. This is why so many companies outsource their digital marketing to other companies. Your brand may be a well-known and established name in Frisco or Dallas, Texas, but a well-executed digital marketing strategy will make it known nationwide or even worldwide.

Tip#3 Go mobile:

Digital marketing has evolved beyond the construction of a simple website. Nowadays, websites are integrated into a brand's overall internet presence and linked to various social media platforms that help customers get a complete experience. Some forms of social media, for instance, are great for graphics and visual representations. Similarly, mobile app development has become a key part of marketing as well. More and more customers are preferring the convenience of being able to make purchases while being on their phones. Having a mobile application for any brand is a must.

Tip #4 Integrative and interactive marketing:

Customers prefer when a brand has integrative networks across various platforms. Meaning they can check out the Instagram page or a Facebook page for a brand to discover more about the brand. Customers also like to be assisted and reached out in real-time, which has increased the value behind the live chat feature. Overall, customers prefer an integrative and interactive shopping experience, which is not as challenging to achieve as it may seem.

Tip#5 Put yourself in the customers' shoes:

Ask yourself, what would you want as an online shopper? What will pique your interest? The experience of online shopping is vastly different from going into a shop and physically touching and feeling the products; there is an aspect of trust that needs to be built. Ensure that every aspect of your business's online presence is uniform across the board and the process is convenient and enjoyable for the customer.

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Yona Shimonde

Yona Lukachi Shimonde is the Founder & CEO of Global Core Marketing, He is a young entrepreneur with a goal to help small businesses scale through digital marketing

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