Creative Marketing Strategies for Your Blockchain Startup

Creative Marketing Strategies for Your Blockchain Startup

December 31, 20223 min read

In current times when cryptocurrency is all the rage, Blockchain technology has a lot of untapped potentials. With that said, there are tons of individuals out there who understand the unearthed potential in Blockchain and have taken it up as a business venture. This exposure helps the consumers and the audience, but it also creates huge competition.

As of June 2022, there are more than 5,000 Blockchain startups registered on AngelList. Standing out from the crowd can be challenging if you don’t opt for creative marketing strategies. Read on to learn how to gain traction for your startup. 

  1. Content Strategy
    Gone are the times when focusing on just building a website would be sufficient. Now, with increased competition, business owners should think of formulating content strategy. In the formulation, search engine optimization and various elements such as the different target audiences of newbie enthusiasts to loyal fans have to be kept in mind.
    New startups should always work on incorporating SEO-based technical and educational pieces which will attract the audience. Make sure that your content is diverse, providing aid to a larger audience.

  2. Guest Posts
    Since Blockchain is a much newer phenomenon, there are tons of people out there looking for avenues to research and build up their knowledge. Take this lack of knowledge to your benefit and get in touch with renowned publishers and websites who would be willing to let you write for them. These will not only build your credibility, but all provide you ample amount of publicity.

  3. Website Improvements
    All websites in their infancy stages tend to look a bit immature or incomplete. Don’t let that happen to you. According to statistics, it takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. Hire help if need be and try to create a user-friendly interface with high-quality content. Website and app development will help in retaining users.

  4. External Help
    Trying to cover all the bases on your own can be pretty exhausting, and eventually, you might end up with all tasks done half-heartedly. Instead, opt for digital marketing service providers like Global Core. These providers will help in getting you paid advertising using social media, which is the key to gaining a quick audience. Larger areas such as Dallas need enhanced efforts which can be achieved through such external help.

  5. Creativity
    One major element that has helped tons of businesses out there stand out from the crowd is the amount of creativity they put into a project. Give your startup a modified edge as opposed to your competitors by using graphic designs and logos. Create flyers, brochures, and booklets with your brand image visible to gain standing. Once again, Global Core can help you in this area as well through a team of dedicated graphic designers.

    Starting up a Blockchain venture is one of the most successful business opportunities right now as the demand is high. Work on your marketing skills to promote your startup and leverage as much help as you can to reach your full potential. 

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Yona Shimonde

Yona Lukachi Shimonde is the Founder & CEO of Global Core Marketing, He is a young entrepreneur with a goal to help small businesses scale through digital marketing

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